What is Success?

So as I sit here counting down the hours until my 21st birthday, things are starting to cross my mind, so much so to the point that it drove me to ask the question….what is success? It’s funny that there is no one definition for the word as some people measure success by the accolades they receive or the amount of money that they have earned which is a good answer, some may take it to another level and say a good life with a healthy and happy family….good answer too. My college career is coming to a close this December after what many college students would consider to be a brief 3 1/2 years. I work my tail off, not only to make a promise I made to my great-grandmother come true, but also I work to create my own definition of success. This world is full of people that bust their tail and never get anywhere, I obviously don’t want that, but I chose a field that is not only demanding, but extremely challenging to even get in to. It drives me to be great not because I want to be rich or famous or become the latest headline, but more so for my family. I’ve seen so many people stand in my corner for the longest time, supporting me, knowing that I can be great when I never did. I just want to able to financially take care of those who took care of me. Too many times, have I seen my mother dead tired from night shifts at her job, one time even totaling her car just to make it home. I want to do it for her. She is the reason I do what I do. You can call me a mama’s boy…..I am. I don’t want to make a sob story of why I want to be successful, but I do want to challenge you all to take a look at what you measure as success and what you call dreams and think, “Are the dreams I have, dreams for me, or are they dreams bigger than me?” So I ask of you to not only dream for success, but to dream for success that is bigger than you.


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10 thoughts on “What is Success?

  1. Aw! Skyler this was so heartfelt your words literally brought tears to my eyes! I hope and pray with all sincerity that you attain and exceed all that you set out to accomplish. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Skyler, you are a success just for the effort and the love you put in to what you do. Your mom (and I!) are so proud of who you are -just keep being who you are and you will always be successful!

  3. Believe and know that you can achieve no matter how challenging it may seem at times. You are a brilliant young man and I am so proud of you. As for success, it truly is in the eye of the beholder. Dream big Skyler.

  4. I think we have all questioned what is success. I agree it’s not really about becoming famous or even rich. It’s about finding that personal and financial success that is different for everyone.

  5. Success is different for everyone, I see success as having the freedom to do those things you mentioned, telling those that been by your side through all kinds of hard times that things are going be easier from now on. Peace and great lucky to you Skyler and your family.

  6. Young Brother, you’ve already achieved Success. Simply because you’ve asked what it is, and you’re searching for the answer. Masses of people don’t even go that far. And people also don’t realize that even failure can be turned into success, if you can learn from it.

    Remember, don’t let the world define Success for you. It’s your journey, not theirs.

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