The Golden Voice Tied Down?

(Courtesy of AP)

Do you remember Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice that was all over the Internet? Well he’s back in the new and this time the sweet story has turned a little sour as Williams has been taken advantage of. According to TMZ, When Williams began his road to stardom, he was overwhelmed with pressure and turned to his publicized drug and alcohol abuse  to cope and was incapable of handling his own affairs. The report later states that 3 individuals got Williams to sign a one-sided contract that gives the individuals a great deal of dough, knowing that Williams was unable to handle his own success. Williams now wants a judge to void the contract, which might not happen. Sad story for a shining star.

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2 thoughts on “The Golden Voice Tied Down?

  1. This doesn’t sound good it seems everyone Ted has met since being discovered has been exploiting him. His so called “Maanager” seem outta touch with how to Manage Ted or his other clients believe me his “Manager” is taking advantage of him too!

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