Kardashian here Kardashian there

(Courtesy of people.com)

It seems as though it’s that time of year again, another Kardashian spectacle. The past 3 years have been dedicated to the Kardashians thanks to their blunders, weddings, babies, and 24 hour TV (it seems) empire. Ryan Seacrest’s midas touch definitely ignited an explosion of pop culture, all stemming from one family! 2 years ago we were fortunate enough to witness what it takes to plan a large wedding in under a week, thanks Khloe and Lamar. Last year it seemed as though the Kardashians had a camera in their face 365 with all of the show spinoffs including Kourtney and Kim take New York and Khloe and Lamar not to mention the ever popular Keeping Up the Kardashians. Now Kim is bringing another Kris into the family, Kris Humphries that is. The middle sister of the Kardashian trifecta will wed her NBA beau tomorrow in front of family and friends. Best wishes to the future Mrs. Humphries and we’ll be looking to see what the next Kardashian seismic event will fill every media outlet we come in contact with next.


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