Will and Jada Splitsville?

(Courtesy of legendsiconsrolemodels.com)

Oh Hollywood, how you try so much to chew up and spit out its lovely married inhabitants on a day to day basis. According to TMZ.com, several reports are saying that power couple Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith have filed for separation. Everyone knows of the iconic status of these two legendary thespians, not only for their work on-screen, but also for their marriage off screen. Every relationship that has had any measure of success in the past 13 years has compared themselves to Will and Jada. Everyone of them. First, it was the rumored swinging that the couple reportedly did to keep their marriage alive, then reports of Smith buying Pinkett-Smith in a marriage agreement through Scientology, and now this! This couple has been the measure of success for the binding constitution of marriage for years, and because every other marriage in Hollywood is the latest PR stunt, their marriage has to ruined in some way, shape, or form. Both Smith and Pinkett-Smith have released a statement that their marriage is still strong. Oh how ironic it is that this buzz happens just a month after Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez filed for divorce. Some reports are even saying that the two stars were nestled up during the tapings of their TNT show, Hawthorne. I know Hollywood, there’s something in your system that does not want marriages to work, but please let these two live.


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