The Textbook Debate

This is a blog most of the college readers can relate to a little bit more, than the rest, but most of everyone has heard of the nightmarish costs a single textbook can be. So anyway, I walk into our luxurious campus bookstore, shuffling through the crowded aisles separating the books by classes. I grab the books I need not looking at the prices at all, knowing that I have HOPE (or what’s left of it) and a little financial aid to cover it. Then I get to the checkout line and I see three five digits (change included) pop up for a book that’s half an inch thick, soft back! So I got to thinking, how serious is it that I buy this book, can I pass by with not having the book and just taking notes in class. Everyone contemplates that question knowing they’d like to see a little bit of cash too. So I came up with an idea while listening to a comedian, Roy Woods Jr. He was making jokes on book costs saying that, “I get history books having different prices, history changes….but math? Unless 1+1=3 I don’t think I need a new book every year telling me the same math!” Hilarious enough as it is he’s right! My idea is really “green” I guess. This is a world of technology and Georgia Southern’s campus is supposed to be one of the more sustainable in the country so what about making everyone buy tablets (iPad’s, Kindle’s, etc.) and then selling the book electronically. Everyone knows that the books hidden costs are because of the book publishing costs, and the pretty pictures and hard bound covers. Maybe a petition should be in order, or a request to the Student Government Association. I think we’d have a little more money in our pockets, which will essentially pioneer an even greener stance for our university. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I know other people are thinking the same thing.

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2 thoughts on “The Textbook Debate

  1. You are right as rain, as my mom used to say. Getting rid of these expensive monstrosities is not rejecting education, it is about embracing new ways of learning without killing trees and pocket books.

    Robert Donnelly
    Social Studies

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