Relationships between Journalism and Public Relations

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According to an article on, the relationship between journalism and public relations is “becoming  more distant.” The biggest reason for the separation is most likely because of technological advances that are being made in both fields that are allowing people to create their own advances in their endeavors with out actually meeting. You would think because the people who are involved in journalism would be able to efficiently give people in PR effective techniques when referring to the media, and people that are looking to display a message properly in the public light would use journalism to their advantage.

One article describes the relationship between PR and Journalism as a “vexed” one. It’s very obvious that the relationship between the two fields is a very complex one that allows  many people to criticize how they may interact with one another. A quote that I like from the article is where the author says that journalists and PR professionals mutually have a dependent relationship. “The press cannot do it without PR and PR needs the press.” What’s obvious about the relationship that there is lacks the proper amount of trust that could potentially be there to make the whatever they are talking about even better. The press probably believes that public relations professionals are hiding something, maybe even blocking journalists from all the details of a potential story.

In my personal opinion, I think the idea of media convergence is influencing the relationship between the two fields rather than say calling it the “demise of journalism.” The fact that so many of the media outlets are requiring their media personnel to have a much more well rounded ways to report on breaking news and events affects the relationship. They must be able to write and produce different content for different outlets at a constant rate, which in ways can affect the relationship with those in the public relations field. All in all, as the world changes with advancing technologies, the relationship between the public relations and journalism will always be affected.



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4 thoughts on “Relationships between Journalism and Public Relations

  1. I definitely agree with you, when you have time tell me what you think of my post We Are The Media on my blog under the Opinion section.

  2. this is interesting. In the years i’ve worked in PR, i’ve heard about the vexation between the two professions. we’re like cousins who’ve been told not to like each other but have to attend the same family events.
    However in my expereince the grievances haven’t translated in the relationships I have with journalists – relationships are b.s free, i tell you what i’ve got and what the deal is and you tell me if it’s of interst to you and if you want the story. That seems to be working well for me at the moment.
    It’s a PRs job to make even the most mundane thing news and do most of the work for the journo so it’s not a pain to cover the story, and i beleive this includes making the news available in the various formts it’ll be needed for and to fit the target audience the journo is catering to.

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