Sarah McLachlan and Animal Cruelty – Persuasive?

Sarah McLachlan has struck a chord in all of our hearts (well all of us who care about animals) with her prevent animal cruelty campaign, bringing down the mood of  all of those who get caught staring into the battered and bruised eyes of neglected and abused animals for 90 seconds. Accompanied by a slow, emotion-filled song, the  PSA shows the graphic images and videos of poorly treated animals and what we as the viewing public can do to stop it from happening. The PSA is by the “SPCA End Animal Cruelty campaign.”

The PSA takes a “silent” propaganda technique, showing images and video of the animals, but still managing to attempt to persuade those who they want to help protect and prevent animals from being battered and bruised. The PSA even shows animals being rehabilitated to better health. After showing the “puppy dog eyes,” the PSA fades to a shot of McLachlan with a dog pleading for people to call in and donate and “Be The Answer.” She asks for donations of up to $18 to be the answer that these animals need to be brought back to help and potentially adopted. The PSA is very strategic. Striking a chord that most people in our society can relate to with their affection for animals, SPCA and McLachlan effectively display a message of a need and a plea for the audience to donate to the organization. It almost makes those of us who don’t treat animals still feel bad, making it seem as though we aren’t doing enough to help these animals. This PSA is very effective.

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Chris Williams – A Real Lyricist

Everyone remembers grabbing those #2 pencils and destroying their classroom’s tabletops by making their favorite beat (cough, cough those of you who thought you could do the Grindin’ beat). After seeing the movie 8-Mile, everyone had their composition notebook with scribbles and everyone wanted to have a rap battle. But somewhere a long the line, rap stopped becoming a fad and only aspirations for those who truly loved it. Chris Williams is a true lyricist, someone who doesn’t follow the trends with catchy beats and braggadocio lyrics, but puts serious meaning behind each of the bars that he speaks. Williams is skilled, and has taken an unorthodox approach to let you listen to his music. While skillfully free-styling over beats requested by his fans and followers, Williams has released “teasers” allowing listeners to catch his witty punch lines while incorporating his love for anime and bringing up real world issues. Chris Williams has come out with a new video entitled “Interlude (Me and You).” Also check out my video where I interviewed Williams a couple of months ago to talk about the state of hip hop, why it’s difficult for rappers to progress as they get older, unlike rock or country where fans let their favorite artists age gracefully. Hip hop is a never-ending cycle, spinning with new messages, new sounds, and new faces and Chris Williams is one of those that you will be sure to see very soon.

Chris Williams – “Interlude (Me and You)”

My interview with Chris Williams

Be Your Best

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”
Oprah Winfrey

I’m starting to count down the days until I graduate from college, and I have to say, I’m anxious, nervous, excited, and quite frankly a bit scared. For 21 years, there has been a security net, someone to be there just in case, and for the first time there won’t be. I will be a “grown-up” and to me (I think I speak for all graduating seniors) it’s a little unreal. Mom’s love is always going to be there, but it’s time to fend for myself. Time to face this mess of an economy and try to be the best man I can possibly be, time to sell myself to a potential company to make an honest living. It won’t be easy. But as they say, that’s life. Where will I end up? Who will I meet? How much money will I make? Can it really be that bad? All of these questions I have, but instead of fearing these questions, I’m going to do my best to be as prepared as I can possibly be. To all of those who are reading this, look at what the message of my site is. Be your best. Only then can you find out your true value and your true self. Whether it is in your personal life, your work/school life, or your social life. Be your best. Stay prepared, stay wholesome, and stay positive. I tell myself this all of the time (with the encouragement of others) and I work really hard to stay at my best. For the longest time I have looked up to those who have expected nothing less than perfection in their work (Oprah, Seacrest, Will Smith, and most recently Steve Jobs). These people worked extremely hard to achieve the goals, most of whom were faced with those same questions that I ask myself daily. All of these people had a passion, all of these people lived and are living their dream. So I encourage all of you, whether you are a graduating senior or a hard-working single parent, to be your best. Be the best you can possibly be.


Public Relations and Sports….an Analogy?

What are sports? What is it that makes millions of people across the globe dress in paraphernalia that some only would consider wearing at the end of October? What is public relations? How can something that is so essential for businesses, organizations, and firms not have a solid definition? Another thing you might be wondering is how can PR and Sports be analogous to one another…I’ll tell you.

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Public relations is defined as the actions of a government, corporation, store, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public. A sport is defined as all forms of physical activity which through casual, or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve, physical fitness and provide entertainment for it’s participants. Let’s compare a professional sport to PR and how PR would work. Obviously PR is something that sports uses to promote their games, press conferences that have to inform the public on a message that needs to be told, such as a major signing or an injury. Picture a major sporting franchise getting ready for their major championship game (i.e. Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series). The owner of the franchise would be like the public relations executive in charge of making sure that everything is going according to schedule. The Public Relations level of  “Director” and “Manager” would be  like a GM (General Manager) for the sports franchise, planning and organizing, and budgeting the day to day operations of the sporting team. The “supervisor” would be similar to the head coach and his assistants, supervising or in this case “coaching” the team, planning the next game plan for the next opponent while leading and problem solving during the course of the season. The “Entry-Level” technicians would be the players (Even though most of them don’t receive entry level money in the normal sense of the word). They are responsible for using their skills or craft to persuade, or disseminate information or in this case playing the game they love to excel.

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