Public Relations and Sports….an Analogy?

What are sports? What is it that makes millions of people across the globe dress in paraphernalia that some only would consider wearing at the end of October? What is public relations? How can something that is so essential for businesses, organizations, and firms not have a solid definition? Another thing you might be wondering is how can PR and Sports be analogous to one another…I’ll tell you.

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Public relations is defined as the actions of a government, corporation, store, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public. A sport is defined as all forms of physical activity which through casual, or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve, physical fitness and provide entertainment for it’s participants. Let’s compare a professional sport to PR and how PR would work. Obviously PR is something that sports uses to promote their games, press conferences that have to inform the public on a message that needs to be told, such as a major signing or an injury. Picture a major sporting franchise getting ready for their major championship game (i.e. Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series). The owner of the franchise would be like the public relations executive in charge of making sure that everything is going according to schedule. The Public Relations level of  “Director” and “Manager” would be  like a GM (General Manager) for the sports franchise, planning and organizing, and budgeting the day to day operations of the sporting team. The “supervisor” would be similar to the head coach and his assistants, supervising or in this case “coaching” the team, planning the next game plan for the next opponent while leading and problem solving during the course of the season. The “Entry-Level” technicians would be the players (Even though most of them don’t receive entry level money in the normal sense of the word). They are responsible for using their skills or craft to persuade, or disseminate information or in this case playing the game they love to excel.

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One thought on “Public Relations and Sports….an Analogy?

  1. Skyler you make a really interesting comparison between Public Relations and sports. I like how you broke down the different levels of PR and sports management and compared the two and their occupation equivalent. It is interesting indeed how Public Relations doesn’t have a concise definition since it is such an important part of many businesses and organizations.

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