Chris Williams – A Real Lyricist

Everyone remembers grabbing those #2 pencils and destroying their classroom’s tabletops by making their favorite beat (cough, cough those of you who thought you could do the Grindin’ beat). After seeing the movie 8-Mile, everyone had their composition notebook with scribbles and everyone wanted to have a rap battle. But somewhere a long the line, rap stopped becoming a fad and only aspirations for those who truly loved it. Chris Williams is a true lyricist, someone who doesn’t follow the trends with catchy beats and braggadocio lyrics, but puts serious meaning behind each of the bars that he speaks. Williams is skilled, and has taken an unorthodox approach to let you listen to his music. While skillfully free-styling over beats requested by his fans and followers, Williams has released “teasers” allowing listeners to catch his witty punch lines while incorporating his love for anime and bringing up real world issues. Chris Williams has come out with a new video entitled “Interlude (Me and You).” Also check out my video where I interviewed Williams a couple of months ago to talk about the state of hip hop, why it’s difficult for rappers to progress as they get older, unlike rock or country where fans let their favorite artists age gracefully. Hip hop is a never-ending cycle, spinning with new messages, new sounds, and new faces and Chris Williams is one of those that you will be sure to see very soon.

Chris Williams – “Interlude (Me and You)”

My interview with Chris Williams


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