Sarah McLachlan and Animal Cruelty – Persuasive?

Sarah McLachlan has struck a chord in all of our hearts (well all of us who care about animals) with her prevent animal cruelty campaign, bringing down the mood of  all of those who get caught staring into the battered and bruised eyes of neglected and abused animals for 90 seconds. Accompanied by a slow, emotion-filled song, the  PSA shows the graphic images and videos of poorly treated animals and what we as the viewing public can do to stop it from happening. The PSA is by the “SPCA End Animal Cruelty campaign.”

The PSA takes a “silent” propaganda technique, showing images and video of the animals, but still managing to attempt to persuade those who they want to help protect and prevent animals from being battered and bruised. The PSA even shows animals being rehabilitated to better health. After showing the “puppy dog eyes,” the PSA fades to a shot of McLachlan with a dog pleading for people to call in and donate and “Be The Answer.” She asks for donations of up to $18 to be the answer that these animals need to be brought back to help and potentially adopted. The PSA is very strategic. Striking a chord that most people in our society can relate to with their affection for animals, SPCA and McLachlan effectively display a message of a need and a plea for the audience to donate to the organization. It almost makes those of us who don’t treat animals still feel bad, making it seem as though we aren’t doing enough to help these animals. This PSA is very effective.

For More Information on the End Animal Cruelty Campaign


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