My Blogging Experience

Q: What have you enjoyed, or not, about your blogging experience this semester? Do you anticipate regularly updating your blog for non-class purposes after this semester? Why or why not?

A: My blogging experience during the semester has been a wonderful one. Learning how to creatively answer questions on mind stimulating topics has been a blast. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to look at what my peers have to say about so many things. It was important for people who aren’t public relations majors to learn the importance of blogging and its significance in the world. I think after the semester is completed it will be extremely important for me to regularly update my blog so I can remain relevant when applying for a job. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been featured on the “Freshly Pressed” home page of the WordPress website and i think that it was really a great opportunity for me to get some exposure on an international level. I really enjoyed what I’ve done on my blog so far and I hope that it will only get better as I experience new things.


Why Everyone Needs a Little PR

Q: Provide an argument as to why it is/or is not beneficial for a non-public relations major to complete an introductory level public relations course.

A: I think it is beneficial for all people to be exposed to some type of introductory course to Public Relations throughout the course of their scholastic or professional career. Bill Gates said it best when he said that if he was down to his last dollar he would spend it on PR. Communicating yourself, your product, or your business with the public is what can make or break your sales and how well you may do. An introductory course in PR would cover the basics. It wouldn’t get into too much detail, but would also give those who are not public relations major a chance to familiarize themselves with the PR jargon that is commonly used in the PR world. While everyone may not want to be involved directly with PR, they are exposed to PR every day. It is because of what PR practitioners do, that gets the public see the things in “light” whether it be positive or negative. I’m not a Public Relations major, but I will say that the introductory course to PR that I am currently taken as allowed for me to see the “tip of the iceberg” of what it takes to be in Public Relations. I think that so many people take PR lightly as a major and as a profession, thinking that the job is for women who didn’t want to try to become nurses or teachers. Public Relations is actually a lot of work that requires strong communication skills and understanding of people to make it successfully. I recommend that any one, Public Relations major or not, experience an introductory course in Public Relations.

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Comments on Other Blogs

Student Comments

Gary Barton – “The Problem With Twitter”

My Response:

You have to look at the advantages Twitter has. Twitter has flattened the social hierarchy that we have in today’s society. We can now talk to our favorite celebrities, politicians, and CEOs without going through a “chain of command” and never allowing our voices to be heard. I will agree with you that the “what are you doing every second of your life” tweet does become rather annoying scrolling through your timeline and I think every tweet should have purpose. You only look at Twitter from a negative point of view, but take the time to look for the positives and once you do, then you can make a balanced argument.

Kayla Tokars – “Social Media – To Use Or Not To Use”


I totally get where you are coming from. One’s life should not revolve around Twitter. I will say that there are great advantages of being active on Twitter. You mentioned that companies use the social media realm to get their message out there, and ironically they want to see if you can get the message out there too. Social Media is the wave of the future and many companies are hiring (so I hear) people just for social and new media. I think grasping an understanding is the most important thing for social media and learning how not to abuse it. All in all great post!

Jasmine Harvard – “Ben & Jerry’s Scweddy Balls Ice Cream Conflict”

I heard about this! This is definitely a great way to stand behind the product that you sell. I agree that there should’ve been a more tender approach to the way that Ben and Jerry’s quoted on the conflict. Based on what you are saying the comment did seem to have a little “well who really cares because people are buying it” attitude, and I think that in the future maybe there should be a bit of caution and tenderness when dealing with consumers.

Taylor Kidd – “Why I Will Not Use Twitter”

This was great! I think that it is really impressive that you have managed to stay off of Twitter this long. I will say that Twitter is catered to its user similar to how FaceBook is. One advantage Twitter has right now (who knows for how long) is the amount of junk that is posted in the news feed or in Twitter world “Timeline.” Between ads and random pictures of Justin Bieber there is definitely a lot of things going on Facebook, which surprises me as to why you don’t like Twitter. But to each his own.

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Jasmine Fillmore – “Pro-PR”

I completely agree with this, there’s so much to public relations to ignore it, and making yourself aware of what PR is and the language used in public relations will only benefit you in the long run. 

Davia Woulard – “To Blog or Not to Blog”

It’s crazy how many companies and organizations are looking for people to write, and not only write well but to write with a creative flair. I think that having such a great blog is going to help you go far because I think this is a great launching pad to get you noticed. Good stuff!

Ms. Andrews – Comments

“What Would You Research”

If I could research anything, it would be what made people happy and their pursuit of that happiness and how they measured success. I think that those questions are the most intriguing, and I think that the responses you would get would differ so much.

“Blog Topics for Intro to PR”

A topic that I would pick would be…How would a PR practitioner handle college athletics, the scandal, the amount of respect that certain sports command, and how to make everything seem fair to the everyday student.

“Movies for Public Relations students”

The movie Hancock…Hancock was a Super Hero “bust” that needed his image changed. Jason Bateman took the role of fixing Hancock’s image.

Peter Bielagus Interview on Money Management [AUDIO]

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Peter Bielagus, “Young America’s Financial Coach,” sat down with me to talk about money management in college. We talked about the burdens they bring, as well as proper steps to be better financially, and also Peter and I took on budgeting and what it really means to live within your means. Listen to my interview with Peter below.



From his website:

Peter Bielagus (Bill-a-gus) became a top authority on money management for Young America the hard way− by first falling deep into credit card debt. Peter entered college with several thousand dollars in savings but within 6 months he found himself $5000 in credit card debt. Determined to dig his way out of debt, Peter began learning about personal finance, reading over 300 books on the subject, interviewing experts and attending seminars. By graduation, Peter’s cards were clean and he was on his way to financial freedom.

Bielagus comes to speak to colleges about money management and his take on personal finances. He is an annual speaker at Georgia Southern University and promotes the program “Jumpstart Your Personal Finances.”

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My Watch the Throne Experience

Picture it….Atlanta….Philips Arena…. overpriced concessions and t-shirt vendors approaching every concert goer. I sat in the 300 section, a view that allowed me to see just about everything going on, from the LED light displays to the rows and rows of seats packing the arena. Jay-Z and Kanye West entered the arena only as incredibly as the grandiose rappers they are, could. Two stages, two rappers, beginning a concert only as incredibly as ever imagined. No one knew what to expect from the concert, what the rappers would perform, who they would bring to the stage. Kanye came to the stage first, wearing a kilt that seemed incredibly hot considering it was leather. Jay-Z appeared on the other side of the arena, looking at Kanye and then the two played H.A.M. and had the crowd get just as hype as the name of the track.

After the opening song, an American flag dropped and the crowd got one of the tracks that levitated the album to a different platform; Otis. The sweet melody of “Try A Little Tenderness” warmed up the crowd and the beat drops with flames exploding on both sides of the stage. The positive energy that  was being shared on stage was truthfully contagious. The brotherhood that was shown between Jay-Z and Kanye was a joy to watch and the crowd enjoyed it even more. Through the concert, as the crowd expected a special guest to appear alongside the hip hop “dynamic duo,” there wasn’t, and that was ok. It was all I really needed, and it seemed as though that’s all the crowd really wanted. The most exciting thing about the concert was combination of old and new hits that propelled both of the rappers to super stardom. I couldn’t even contain myself, jumping up and down like a mad man, leaving some of the concert goers to my left and right a little frustrated, but after the hits were played, my reactions and craziness were contagious.

Throughout the show, the two incorporated a bunch of special effects, videos, LED lights, and moving stages (yes I said it, MOVING STAGES!) The concert had an expectation of something grand occurring, and I can truthfully say it was nothing short of legendary. There was even a play on women that the two performed some of their hits to that only you’ll have to see to believe. All in all, Watch the Throne was nothing short of epic, and I hope that you get the opportunity to catch Jay and ‘Ye on their tour of greatness.

Check out some of the images that I took below: