How Current Media is Getting Your Attention

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Q: Think about the last five movies/concerts you saw. How did you find out about them? (Poster? Word of mouth? Newspaper/Magazine advertisement? Facebook fan page? Emailed newsletter, etc.) Some individuals dismiss traditional public relations and advertising, but what’s your experience?

A: Media nowadays is looking for any way to get in your face. Print ads, TV ads, Radio ads, and the Internet all together that includes websites such as Facebook, Google, and many more web sites that can find direct ways to catch your attention. Traditionally, the public is used to seeing advertisements for movies, events, campaigns, and products through visual and audio media such as TV and radio. People may also see things on the road with street signs and billboards, all looking for ways to grab your attention to try their product or attend their event.

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With Social Media taking a strong stand as means to communicate and advertise  in today’s society, it is almost the business norm for a company to have a Facebook page where fans can stay up to date on new products, sales, or just valuable information that a company would think is useful to the consumer. Twitter is another social media site where plenty of businesses are finding useful and effective ways to get their message across. I’ve come across many different forms of advertising and campaigning that many different businesses, movies, companies, organizations, and individuals have used to try and get my attention. With many different movies that are coming out in theaters, you will start to see advertisements for it as the movie gets closer and closer to its release date. Obviously it’s common for movies to have advertisements in the typical forms of media, but nowadays movies have their own websites with promotional websites giving teasers of movies and it also has trailers for the audience.

All in all I have found that the way businesses, organizations, celebrities, and products advertise with the media is extremely effective. In years past, a person could be exposed to media, but could have a disconnect with it during various points in their daily lives. Now, the Internet has become such an intricate part in the way everyone does things that it’s almost impossible for people to miss out on the promotional campaigns that companies are trying efficiently execute to the public.

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2 thoughts on “How Current Media is Getting Your Attention

  1. Congratulations on being FP – thought this was an interesting read. I remember the first time I saw one of those Chick-fil-A ads it was a billboard on the highway by Norfolk Virginia. I almost wrecked my car…

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