My Watch the Throne Experience

Picture it….Atlanta….Philips Arena…. overpriced concessions and t-shirt vendors approaching every concert goer. I sat in the 300 section, a view that allowed me to see just about everything going on, from the LED light displays to the rows and rows of seats packing the arena. Jay-Z and Kanye West entered the arena only as incredibly as the grandiose rappers they are, could. Two stages, two rappers, beginning a concert only as incredibly as ever imagined. No one knew what to expect from the concert, what the rappers would perform, who they would bring to the stage. Kanye came to the stage first, wearing a kilt that seemed incredibly hot considering it was leather. Jay-Z appeared on the other side of the arena, looking at Kanye and then the two played H.A.M. and had the crowd get just as hype as the name of the track.

After the opening song, an American flag dropped and the crowd got one of the tracks that levitated the album to a different platform; Otis. The sweet melody of “Try A Little Tenderness” warmed up the crowd and the beat drops with flames exploding on both sides of the stage. The positive energy that  was being shared on stage was truthfully contagious. The brotherhood that was shown between Jay-Z and Kanye was a joy to watch and the crowd enjoyed it even more. Through the concert, as the crowd expected a special guest to appear alongside the hip hop “dynamic duo,” there wasn’t, and that was ok. It was all I really needed, and it seemed as though that’s all the crowd really wanted. The most exciting thing about the concert was combination of old and new hits that propelled both of the rappers to super stardom. I couldn’t even contain myself, jumping up and down like a mad man, leaving some of the concert goers to my left and right a little frustrated, but after the hits were played, my reactions and craziness were contagious.

Throughout the show, the two incorporated a bunch of special effects, videos, LED lights, and moving stages (yes I said it, MOVING STAGES!) The concert had an expectation of something grand occurring, and I can truthfully say it was nothing short of legendary. There was even a play on women that the two performed some of their hits to that only you’ll have to see to believe. All in all, Watch the Throne was nothing short of epic, and I hope that you get the opportunity to catch Jay and ‘Ye on their tour of greatness.

Check out some of the images that I took below:


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61 thoughts on “My Watch the Throne Experience

  1. I am jealous of you, Skyler. But I’m thankful that you could help me visualize what it must be like to see this tour. Don’t think they’re gonna be coming close to Buffalo, so this is as close as I’m gonna get.

  2. The only reason why I clicked on this article is because I am obsessed with ye and as such Jay Z. I live in Jamaica and won’t (or rather can’t afford to watch the show) so thanks a mil for sharing your experience. I wish I was there but from your description I feel like I was there…. Thanks

    • Talk of Jamaica CJ, back here in Kenya we can best Google for clips, its nearly impossible for legendary artists to extend there tours here. Great article though, it creates a live picture of it.

  3. My brother once described the effects at a God Smack concert – he said that two
    flaming dragons circled the stage during their hit single –

    I’ve never been to anything as ambitious as you describe, but the power in the room
    must have been extrodinary. My brother bought me a T-shirt that I reserve just for
    concerts, I wore it to a performence of the sick puppies at a local resort cusino – the
    venue is called “party by the pool” A huge stage that shoots fireworks sits in frount
    of a water fall that decends into a huge swimming pool. Spectators stood on bridges
    over the pool or brought swim suits and chilled in the pool itself. Thier base gutarist
    is a quiet girl, but goes beserk on stage throwing her long purple hair about like an
    old school punk. The lead singer has great stage presence and encouraged everone
    to howl like wolves during and instermental.

  4. I really want to see them in London but no date has been confirmed. This is an a duo that I don’t mind paying a bomb for. At this point of writing this comment, I am listening to Blueprint 3. I just love these two artists.

  5. The most impressive aspect of the whole project is that these two superstars can still muster enough hunger to put out such an energetic album. With so little left to ‘prove’ all they really have to talk about is their own freewheeling bravado, but they do it with gusto.

    Anyway, good post. When you get a chance, check out my homage to ‘Otis’ (from a teacher’s point of view):


  6. Unfortunately Jay and ‘Ye canceled their Denver date for the Watch the Throne tour. It sounds and looks like it was an amazing show and I’m bummed I didn’t get the chance to see it. Thanks for letting us Coloradans know how it went though!

  7. I live in Albany NY and I doubt they coming to the Capital of NY, so I’ve been reading blogs for the grand experience. Your blog definitely put me there. I saw a video clip of them performing NIGGAS IN PARIS and the place erupted.

    All I wanna see is them perform this album. If not, I hope they make a DVD!

  8. I can’t wait!! I got tickets to go to the show in Atlantic city, and I just can’t even believe that I’m gonna see them. Your post made me even more impatient 🙂

  9. Wow! I would love to have been there. I saw Kanye on his world tour a few years back and it blew me away, but Kanye AND Jay-Z together? I’d be buzzing about it for the next 10 years! Nicely written post and thanks for sharing with the rest of us jealous bloggers! 🙂

  10. I wish I could have been there, I love them both. It sounds like you had enough fun though for ten people so, I’ll live vicariously through you. Thanks for the pics!

  11. Love them, had a chance to go to the Philly show – bypassed it due to work and now am a little sad that I let my 9-5 dictate my OTIS experience. Oh well…they’ll be back I’m sure but…man.

  12. I think Jay-z and Kayne do an amazing job at putting on a great show, there is no doubt that they have that start quality. Jay-z has been doing this since the 80’s and Ye, although relatively new, has an innate passion and talent for performing. Both Jay-z and Kayne respectively are brilliant in their craftsmanship. I am inspired by Jay-z story, and Ye just has that flame! The album was phenomenal to me, and I can only imagine the excitement you felt being able to experience it live. Skyler, great recap on the event, and huge thanks for sharing! xo CLN (

  13. surely overpriced tickets…I am in NY, and I wanted to go to the Madison Square Garden performance, but come on you know the Garden ain’t going to be cheap. lol…congrats on experiencing the show…Jay and Ye are two of my top favorites. kudos of being Freshly Pressed…

  14. Hmm! Yes you took us straight to the concert, Hopefully CLN will get the experience to see the “Brotherhood” live. Sounds like it was an awesome time filled with WTT greatness.

    Nice Article! Thank you for sharing!

    I must admit we prob would be jumping up and down like crazy also — Summer/Fall 2011 Motivation Album while I play it all year.

  15. Wow, it looks like an amazing show! I love how that one stage lights up with the blue/orange colors and that’s really cool that the also were moving stages too!

  16. Most of what you said went right over my little gray head–but your joy came through loud and clear. So glad that you had a wonderful experience! Be sure to tell your grandkids about it. They’ll love your stories.–Lyn

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