Peter Bielagus Interview on Money Management [AUDIO]

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Peter Bielagus, “Young America’s Financial Coach,” sat down with me to talk about money management in college. We talked about the burdens they bring, as well as proper steps to be better financially, and also Peter and I took on budgeting and what it really means to live within your means. Listen to my interview with Peter below.



From his website:

Peter Bielagus (Bill-a-gus) became a top authority on money management for Young America the hard way− by first falling deep into credit card debt. Peter entered college with several thousand dollars in savings but within 6 months he found himself $5000 in credit card debt. Determined to dig his way out of debt, Peter began learning about personal finance, reading over 300 books on the subject, interviewing experts and attending seminars. By graduation, Peter’s cards were clean and he was on his way to financial freedom.

Bielagus comes to speak to colleges about money management and his take on personal finances. He is an annual speaker at Georgia Southern University and promotes the program “Jumpstart Your Personal Finances.”

For more information on Peter and Personal Finances:


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