Why Everyone Needs a Little PR

Q: Provide an argument as to why it is/or is not beneficial for a non-public relations major to complete an introductory level public relations course.

A: I think it is beneficial for all people to be exposed to some type of introductory course to Public Relations throughout the course of their scholastic or professional career. Bill Gates said it best when he said that if he was down to his last dollar he would spend it on PR. Communicating yourself, your product, or your business with the public is what can make or break your sales and how well you may do. An introductory course in PR would cover the basics. It wouldn’t get into too much detail, but would also give those who are not public relations major a chance to familiarize themselves with the PR jargon that is commonly used in the PR world. While everyone may not want to be involved directly with PR, they are exposed to PR every day. It is because of what PR practitioners do, that gets the public see the things in “light” whether it be positive or negative. I’m not a Public Relations major, but I will say that the introductory course to PR that I am currently taken as allowed for me to see the “tip of the iceberg” of what it takes to be in Public Relations. I think that so many people take PR lightly as a major and as a profession, thinking that the job is for women who didn’t want to try to become nurses or teachers. Public Relations is actually a lot of work that requires strong communication skills and understanding of people to make it successfully. I recommend that any one, Public Relations major or not, experience an introductory course in Public Relations.

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18 thoughts on “Why Everyone Needs a Little PR

  1. Skyler,

    I enjoyed your comment (thought it shocked me) about PR being for women who do not want to be nurses or teachers. I found the stereotypical roles of PR to be far from what they actually are while I have been involved. It is very interesting that you pick those three professions. I am sure there are many jobs you would not expect me to place you in just because of your sex and these surprised me. The Think Spot book had an interesting spotlight on the assumptions of PR and I found your view to align with the common theories about this profession.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Virginia

  2. I’m not a PR major either, I’m actually a Journalism major with just a minor in PR but even if I hadn’t of chosen a minor, I still think this class would still have been beneficial. I completely agree with you when you said “while everyone may not want to be involved directly with PR, they are exposed to PR every day.” It’s so true. I never realized all of the aspects involved with PR until I took this class.

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  4. I also agree and recommend that any one, Public Relations major or not, experiences an intro course in Public Relations. I relate with you being that I also am not a PR major but taking this course has exposed me to things that i feel will only benefit me. The quote used from Bill Gates really made me think a little and If I was down to my last dollar, spending it on PR would be a serious option/thought.

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  6. I agree that PR is very helpful to everyone. I myself am not a PR major, but a Communication Arts major and this class has definitely given me tools that I can use for the Communications and Human Resources field. PR is definitely not only made for women and it would be nice to see more men in the field.

  7. I enjoyed reading this blog. I agree with you on that public relations should be a required course. Weather its your major or not, in some way we all encounter public relations. I also agree that it is not as easy as many may think it is. “Public Relations is a good career choice for someone who likes variety and challenge” not someone thinking they can skate by with no will to perform.

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  9. Skyler, I at first wasn’t a PR major. I was majoring in Political Science at Columbus State University and had taken a entry PR course that introduce the to the field of Public Relations. I enjoyed the class so much in fact that I changed my major to Public Relations upon transferring to Georgia Southern. I like how you pointed out the stigma that “PR is for women” , I’ve discovered that many guys aren’t in the PR field. Hopefully it all works out well for me as I continue my education in Public Relations

  10. I agree Skyler. I’m not a PR major either, and by taking this class I’ve realized just how vast and broad PR is. This class isn’t going to help me with anything in my major, but it also isn’t going to hurt me, so I don’t see a reason why someone shouldn’t take at least on introductory class.

  11. I agree, I never realized how much P.R. benefits a lot of different aspects of the professional world. I am a P.R. major and learning all the different aspects of P.R. in our intro class really helped me to narrow down my interest, and have a better idea of the direction that I want to head in.

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  13. I completely agree with this post. Everyone does need a little exposure to PR, because it is used in so many job realms. I’m so happy you said, “People take PR lightly”, and they shouldn’t. I agree this profession takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Great post!!

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  15. It’s interesting that you thought PR was a major for women who didn’t want to be teachers or nurses because I’ve never heard of that stereotype. Now that I think of it, the nursing and eduction majors are mostly dominated by women at this school. Knowing the jargon after completing a PR course is also essential for people involved in business. I’m glad that you took some information away from taking this course and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

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