Why your 2012 Should Be Great!

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I’m sure that you all are aware that this post is a few days late, but all is well and I’m back to set the record straight about the new year and why you should be having a great one. Subconsciously, everyone has been thinking of 2012, the Mayan calendar (if the world will end or not), what they will do, and should they be afraid. Now I’m not a psychic nor a scientist that can predict the future and how the world will work or turn out, but personally if these things should happen, I’m seeing this as the perfect year to seize opportunity, become adventurous, and experience new things. I stumbled upon a fellow bloggers page at http://tradingplacesglobal.wordpress.com/ where they have amazing pictures and experiences from travels around the world. I thought to myself, if I wasn’t a broke college grad I could definitely do some of those things because those countries really look like they would be a great experience. I then thought to myself even though I may not be able to afford those things doesn’t mean I should be afraid to be adventurous and exciting in the year to come.

Now I checked my horoscope, and I know most of you are like wait what? But really I recommend that you do this from time to time, especially if you are into it, and if not just do it for a laugh. I read what it had to say and it told me that this was going to be a big career year for me and I thought to myself well isn’t this convenient after graduating last December. So I went with, and now I’m extremely motivated to progress in life as well as in my career.

So I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and I have come up with 5 Tips for the New Year.

1. Don’t be Afraid to go Out and Try New Things. In life I’ve found myself living in this comfort zone that has had me in a routine schedule where I wasn’t able to experience new things or ideas, so I pledged to myself that I will be comfortable in my own skin and be willing to try new things whenever the opportunity arises. You never know what you might like.

2. If at First You don’t Succeed…Yes yes it is true, and I really mean this, you have to try again. I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline during the part of the year where it’s after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve, and every single person has this “2011 sucked for me so 2012 is going to be awesome” quote stuck on their forehead and I’m like wow 2011 must have been really rough. So to prevent the same thing happening for the 2013 New Year, I say if at first you don’t succeed, try again. There are a lot of negative people in the world who’s only pleasure is to throw salt at what you try to do. If you don’t pass a test, don’t quit…try again. If you don’t get a job you really wanted, set up a plan B, C, D all the way to Z. You get my drift, never let someone’s “no” turn your motivation into a future discouragement.

3. Know When to Say No…I’ve been studying the success stories of some of the most successful people in numerous fields, they’ve all had a strange intuition as when and when not to say no. Go getters like Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest never say no, well in the early days, and that’s how they got where they are today. If it’s something you love, never say no…you never know what opportunity is awaiting around the corner.

4. Stay Motivated… I know it’s hard, especially when (like mentioned in tip #2) there are a lot of negative people in the world. Keeping your motivation in tact will get you a lot farther than you originally expected trust me. Whether it’s thinking about how proud you want to make your family or a certain salary you want to make to take care of yourself. I think that staying motivated is half of the battle and once you have that down, then you will be on the road to success.

5. Start a Goal Board…I was reading a book recently that said that if goals aren’t in tangible writing or pictures then it is nothing more than a wish. Cut up pictures of your favorite actor, favorite vacation destination, or even better take a blank check and write down how much money you would like to see and put it on your refrigerator and work towards it. Trust me, you may not see immediate results in any of these things, but there will be a reward somewhere in your future.

All in all much success to you and yours in 2012, and I will be blogging every now and then to let you all know my experiences. Please let me know of your revelations and experiences.

Until next time,

Remember to Share Knowledge as Your Life Experiences Revelations.


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