A Family’s Circle….

Normally I try not to blog about late breaking entertainment news, that’s what E!, Entertainment Tonight, and Perez Hilton are for. I just wanted to take the time to think about what it means to lose a family member, so swiftly…so sudden.

My freshmen year of college was a very interesting one. I think that for most of the 18-year-old folks across the country, it was a new experience, an exciting one, the “time of your life” as most people have told me countless times over and over again. It’s funny the things you remember during times of distress. I could hear the faint sounds of “Hey Arnold” re-runs on the TV as I slept fighting the gleam of the suns rays trying to wake me up through the window blinds.

A ring from my phone….

I ignored the first one, thinking I’ll just call them back later and that “I was sleeping” would be a good reason to have not picked up the phone.

A second ring, this time with a voicemail.

Just like before, I let it ring thinking that maybe my mom was calling me to just talk, like we normally do from time to time.

Somewhere between that second ring and the time I actually woke up, I had received 10 missed calls, 15 text messages, and three voicemails. I had no idea, what was going on.

In a panic, I called my mom…She usually knew how to tell me information, whether good or bad and she kept her composure during times of pressure. She said, “Last night, your cousin Josesito (little Jose for all you non-Spanish folks) was shot, and died this morning.”

I couldn’t believe it, my cousin was this smooth talking dude who knew everyone and was really popular, to me anyways, where he lived in Brooklyn. How could anyone want to shoot him?

She then told me that he was breaking up an altercation and that because he was the middle man, there was some confusion and arguments and the next thing you know, my poor primo took seven shots for something he barely was involved with.

I was hurt….

Skip six months later…I was at home on the computer, watching Michael Jackson tributes because he had just passed away. Another shock, Michael was the man, even though he had his issues, I idolized him. Literally the next thing I know, my grandfather, a 70 something year old man, is literally RUNNING down the steps.

I thought it was my little brother, but he called me…he said. “Sky, come with me…they’re saying Keni (my cousin) died!” 

What?? Not again, not in six months…not another close family member. Come to find out, it was true. Pulmonary embolism is what we were told, she has two kids by the way. A beautiful little girl and my little cousin (bro) Khalil. I just felt so bad for the both of them.

It was too much, too soon, too sudden…

So now, I sit here looking at the news, all of the Whitney Houston tributes, the criticism, the jokes, the rude remarks, and the media storm that’s surrounding this entire thing, and I’m thinking, their family must be going through the worst time.

But what I loved, something that I could compare with my own family…Whitney’s family is very classy, very private, and very supportive of the loved ones in their circle. Through times of glamour and times of hardship, while fans and critics bashed her, her family was still there. I love that, I love that support, that energy, that spirit, that no matter, your family has your back.

So as we say goodbye to a soul that has touched us all, think to your own families whether blood or friendship. Thank them, cherish them, love them. Because at the end of the day that’s all you’ve got.

Rest in peace to Whitney Houston, Rest in peace to Josesito, Rest in peace to Keni.

Rest in peace to all of the lost souls that have touched our lives.

‘Til next time,


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3 thoughts on “A Family’s Circle….

  1. That was very compelling story. I knew your cousin Jose and Mike for a long time it does us mo pleasure to forget the friends in our life but very well put I can appreciate your educational approach with recognizing such African American youth a victim of a senseless reputation our culture holds dear too.

    Continue S.K.Y.L.E.R
    RIP Jose

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