Radio on my mind….

So I have been talking to a bunch of people about the next step in life for me, what will I do, where will I go. I know I haven’t been really letting folks know what I’m exactly doing out in Los Angeles, but i will say that I’m having a blast. I get to be around some of the best on-air talent around. It’s really amazing! But I’m getting a little anxious on what the next step is going to be. I have pushed radio for a really long time, but now I think I’m starting to take a broader look into my life. I really want to get involved with all or in this case any type of media. The saying really is true that if you get your foot in the door anywhere, do whatever you can to stick around, and grow from there. I think that it’s funny that your entire life you can have your mind-set on achieving greatness in a particular area but then you just sit back and have  a broader outlook on all you want to do and realize that it’s really a lot more you can do! So advice for the day, there are times where you can seem super focused on achieving one thing, sit back and think about all you want to accomplish and realize that everything doesn’t have to be achieved in one day.

Check out some of my photos of me at my internship!


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