Are you AMPED for the “Avengers”???

Comic book fans, “The Avengers” movie is coming, and they just released a new trailer earlier today. I’m amped for the movie, but the effects were looking a tad cheesy in the trailer, but it doesn’t matter….the theatre I go to is still getting my $9.55 or whatever absurd price they are charging to go to the movies these days. I think that this movie has way to much hype to fail. I think everyone sees how well each of the character’s movies have done, and when they’re put together it could legendary!!!!

Check out the video:


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One thought on “Are you AMPED for the “Avengers”???

  1. Yo I feel like the movie is gonna lack for some reason, the whole Captain America “human torch” issue along with the new hulk will detach old fans of marvel movies

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