Obama…Do you respect him?

Courtesy of whitehouse.gov

Courtesy of whitehouse.gov

I have to say, this President we have today has really stepped into a huge mess. Yes, three years later, our country is still in a slump, but slowly “getting better” according to National Economy aficionados. I know, I know…we’ve all been in debates with people over what exactly President Obama has accomplished since his historical election, but I don’t think there has been a President who has taken on so much and received so much criticism and disrespect. Some of you are saying “YES THERE WAS, GEORGE BUSH! EVERY COMEDIAN HAD A BIT ABOUT HIM!” While that may be true, how many times did you see someone publicly confront a President, stick their finger in his face, flat-out disrespect the leader of the free world time and time again? I’m guessing before Obama, you might say the guy who threw his shoes at Dubya.

Only President Obama has to put up with the issues going on in this world and in this country, and also deal with countless instances where he is openly disrespected and manage to keep his cool. While I don’t think he is an A+ President, he has done a lot for this country. President Obama definitely earns some respect for the good he has done! For people to insult him this way makes me think sometimes that while America is tolerant of race and creed, racism isn’t completely dead. And I know, some of you are saying oh c’mon YOU JUST HAD TO BRING RACE IN TO THIS.



Outside of race, what has been different? Some differences in policies and agendas…sure, but every President is different. There has been countless times of newsmakers and politicians being racist towards President Obama. While I’m sure every politician doesn’t think that Obama is the bad, bad, African warrior. I’m sure that there is racial undertone in terms of the decisions and the outbursts made by the “Right” in D.C. I mean look at this video below!



That’s all I will say about that, but I do think that a little homework needs to be completed before people say Obama hasn’t done a thing and doesn’t deserve respect. I think that while his job hasn’t been perfect he has handled the public bashing surprisingly well. All in all, think about what you say before you say it. There is too  much wrong with this country to not stick together and rise together to be great again.




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One thought on “Obama…Do you respect him?

  1. I have always been skeptical of Obama’s presidency, he seemed to just come out of no where with all this financial backing. Obama as a person is very confident and intelligent people respect that, but most folks, black, white and every color in between fear a confident man. When you throw race into the equation, that fear easily becomes hatred, it’s just to many differences for the feeble minded to grasp. I respect him, he is the leader of the free world and it’s to obvious that racism is the root of the “right wingers” dislike of Obama. Smerconish has been pointing that out all through Obama’s Presidency.

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