Are You Being You?

Serious question.

Ask yourself, “Am I Really Being Me?” and if you thought about it you’d be probably be shocked. Think about how many things in this world we’ve experienced. Think about how many times you thought about what your friends may say and that stopped something that you may have wanted to do. Yeah yeah there are some of you that are like oh no that’s not me, I’d never give in to peer pressure.


Tell me about those Jordans you’re wearing right now? You dropped $150 on them because you REEAAALLLYYY wanted them or because for the past twenty years Michael Jordan has been jipping thousands of people to invest in a sneaker that cost like $30 to make. I’m sure if someone said hey I’m going to rock some Magic Johnson’s (equally great) everyone would say, “really Skyler?”

Not a Jordan person?

Tell me about that first time you took a drink? Did you want to or did you do it to try and fit in? Believe me I know, I was that guy my freshman year of college not sipping a thing…did I let peer pressure get to me sure. Sure. I was tired of hearing the constant ringing in my ears of my friends saying “C’Mon, just one.” So I did. Not the worst thing I’ve ever done, but hey I gave in to what was being thrown in my face.

I get it. It’s being constantly thrown in our faces about what’s good. When’s the last time you’ve had a Pepsi? Yeah I couldn’t tell you either, but that’s probably because Coke (Coca-Cola for you Narcs reading this lol) is constantly being shoved down our throats through ads, their huge red and white signs, and well….being Coke.

Now I’m not on a rant of bashing name brand products in efforts to be some hipster cliche that listens to indy music and wears skinny jeans. But when’s the last time you did something for you? I mean really for you. Are you truthfully passionate about what you want to do? Or are you looking for your 15 minutes?

I had the wildest week, literally all areas of my life were being altered by me not being me and being someone that I’m not or what I thought people wanted me to be like. Why do I code switch? Because it was an “unsaid” rule that you aren’t supposed to use slang in the work place or interviewing. And everyone knows that higher octane of voice that they get into when they are trying to sound professional. It’s funny that while we want a job that we are passionate about, when we interview we don’t even give the interviewer a real look into who we really are.

It makes me laugh that for so long, I’ve been trying to be something that I’m not, when all I wanted to do was make people happy and be me.

Do you do the same?

If so, join me in the walk to the beat of our own drum.

If you already do…keep swaggin’ and I’ll see you there on the other side.



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