How Bad Do You Want It?

Since it’s Monday…


Think Like A Man?

Ok ok ok,

So I haven’t seen the movie “Think Like a Man” just yet, and I definitely want to see it, but there is something that catches my attention just based off of the premise.

The “science” that our society puts relationships in to figure out the opposite sex.

It’s in my nature to over think just about everything known to man, but to me it just seems like relationships, whether they be intimate or friendly, shouldn’t be calculated all the time.

I know a certain someone is smiling right now thinking, “I tell you that all of the time!” but I’m slowly starting to realize that these things are true. No one wants to be treated like they are a science project, with hypotheses and estimates on how to treat the other person.

So when I see movies like “Think Like A Man” or “Hitch” or other Rom-Coms aimed at trying to help the opposite sex understand the other, it’s like are men really that scheming when it comes to picking women? Do women really have all these wants and desires and are they willing to manipulate their significant others lifestyle in order to get what they want?

Some of you may be saying “Uhhh Yeah!

I’m a little skeptical. Now don’t get me wrong, I know my fair share of “dogs” that have “teams” of women and are willing to put one on the bench as they say. But at the same time I know a lot of good people who are generally trying to be the  best them they can be, both GUYS and GIRLS.

So my question is (and I’m looking for a few answers on this)….

Are successful relationships ones that are plotted on and planned about? Or are successful relationships those that come out of organic growth and friendship from two people?

Anxiously waiting,