Kanye West Talking about ‘Cruel Summer’

Photo Courtesy of rap-up.com

Mr. West talks about the making of his newest collaboration album, ‘Cruel Summer’ and the many names in the industry in the industry that he’s teamed up with to put it all together.


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Denzel is Still the Man!

Photo Courtesy of gq.com

Have you checked out the new GQ cover boy? Well it’s none other than Denzel Washington. GQ’s newest cover shows the two time Oscar winner in a way that I’m just going to call “super cool.” In the article, he talks about his first gigs in Hollywood, who inspires him, his late friend Whitney Houston, and what he believes African – American men should be doing RIGHT NOW! It’s a great read, so click on the link below to take you to the article.


I Have a Serious Question! Is “Organic” Worth It?

Can someone honestly explain a good diet? Not like a oh I want to lose five pounds diet, but a proper eating diet where I can enjoy the food I’m eating, not feel like my arteries are clogging as I take each bite, and the food really doing great things for my body. In my opinion, wheatgrass and artichokes are impossible to consume on a daily basis. So is there a fulfilling diet? Should I just eat and not worry about it until I hit 40 and a doctor says, “Hey, you’ve got to take it easy on the potato chips!” Or is eating “naturally” or “healthily” or “organically” the way to go?


I just read this article the other day and it said that the prices we pay at Whole Foods may not be worth it nutritionally as the same products at let’s say Wal-Mart have close to the same nutritional ingredients. Personally, while I enjoy a nice pita chip and humus snack, I think it’s all mental. To say I’m eating “organically” sounds better on the tip of a person’s tongue rather than “let’s go get some food from the local grocery store!” So as you read this, I want to ask for some help…what is good eating to you? Where do you shop? How much do you really pay?

*Patiently waiting as my stomach growls

Have you seen this?!!? Will and Jada’s Oldest is Coming out of His Shell!

Trey Smith, in his music video debut (Well I guess you have to count “Just the Two of Us”), is now aCE, a rocking DJ! He’s teamed up with his amazing brother and sister, Jaden and Willow to come out with a new video,”Find You Somewhere.”

Will and Jada must be proud!

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