Young, Wild, Free?

Ever sit back and look at the world around you? What people are talking about, what comes on TV, what people are doing/wearing. Earlier this year, I had a talk with a friend about society and where it’s starting to go. He (a dude about 10 years older than me) said that we (Generation Y) have completely dropped the ball on our responsibilities. I counter-argued and said the reasons we do the things we do (stay in college  longer, rent instead of buy, live at home with the ‘rentals) is because of the world we live in today.

According to, 53% of college grads are unemployed, remember the days where people felt that if you had a college degree, you were in the door? Good, because I don’t. While I agree that some people my age, 22, have started to just “ride the waves” — I’d argue that the majority of my fellow college grads are extremely passionate and are just looking for a way in!

A bunch of articles I’ve read have said that this country and the younger generation are less politically conscious than ever before, well hey what do we have to look forward too? Social Security, job stability? Yeah that’s right those things are a thing of the past. It’s difficult to get motivated about a future that is uncertain.

But what I love about my generation is that we are the generation of true entrepreneurship..if “you” won’t let us in, then we will come up with a way in ourselves! Although there are times where I think about why in the hell “Honey Boo Boo” gets more ratings than the Republican National Convention. I know that this generation has success in our future!

Yes we are the Facebook & Twitter generation, the MTV (where “Music Television” doesn’t play music anymore) generation, the everyone has an iPhone generation, and the “I want instant success” generation, but we are also the most technologically savvy generation, the “billion dollar idea” generation, and the let’s just go out and get things done generation. So while you folks before us think we are living “Young, Wild, and Free,” we want to remind you that we are starting to wake up!

So to those of you who haven’t caught on and aren’t realizing the world around you is passing you by:

And to those of you that are doing what you have to do stay above water and beyond…..keep shinin’!


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