I Have a Serious Question! Is “Organic” Worth It?

Can someone honestly explain a good diet? Not like a oh I want to lose five pounds diet, but a proper eating diet where I can enjoy the food I’m eating, not feel like my arteries are clogging as I take each bite, and the food really doing great things for my body. In my opinion, wheatgrass and artichokes are impossible to consume on a daily basis. So is there a fulfilling diet? Should I just eat and not worry about it until I hit 40 and a doctor says, “Hey, you’ve got to take it easy on the potato chips!” Or is eating “naturally” or “healthily” or “organically” the way to go?


I just read this article the other day and it said that the prices we pay at Whole Foods may not be worth it nutritionally as the same products at let’s say Wal-Mart have close to the same nutritional ingredients. Personally, while I enjoy a nice pita chip and humus snack, I think it’s all mental. To say I’m eating “organically” sounds better on the tip of a person’s tongue rather than “let’s go get some food from the local grocery store!” So as you read this, I want to ask for some help…what is good eating to you? Where do you shop? How much do you really pay?

*Patiently waiting as my stomach growls


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2 thoughts on “I Have a Serious Question! Is “Organic” Worth It?

  1. I think it is worth it to live a healthy life and add years to your life. There are so many overprocessed foods out there that you are hurting your body in ways you don’t even realize to save a buck.

  2. I will start my reply by commenting on the posted video and CNN article. They are complete trash! Not once did they mention that organic certified produce is not genetically modified. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are banned in almost every European country. Why? Because they are harmful to human health and alter the genetic population of the crops that are bioengineered.

    To go back to the original question, “is eating “naturally” or “healthily” or “organically” the way to go?” Of course it is! The Earth was uniquely designed to provide humans with food. Why should we reinvent the wheel? It is clear that the “natural” food put here from the beginning is better for human health (mentally, physically, and so on). Most chronic diseases today are in direct correlation to processed foods.

    Look, I’m not saying go out in buy everything organic (that would be dumb). Make wise choices when it comes to buying your “natural” foods. Only here in the United States are GMO products considered natural, however, they are far from their natural state. This is when I would choose to buy organic. Otherwise, buy the regular “non-organic” produce from your local farmer or grocery store.

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