And Your New ‘American Idol’ Judges are…

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Well the wait is over! After an “offseason” of judge shuffling and the competition gaining ground, the new ‘American Idol’ judges have been announced! We already knew about Mariah Carey joining the team, and Randy Jackson was on the show for sure, but as far as we knew he was on the fence in terms of being a judge or a “mentor.” Well the ‘DAWG’  is back and he’s got some new talent joining the panel which includes singer/rapper Nicki Minaj and country music star Keith Urban! Looks like ‘Idol’ is going to continue to impress with star power!


‘Gangnam Style’ – Psy

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I know it’s old, but you’ve got to love this! I’m literally waiting to hear this somewhere so I can do it!

Terrence “Terrence J” Jenkins is Making Moves…

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If you haven’t heard by now, there has been a new addition to the E! News family and it’s Terrence “Terrence J” Jenkins. For me, you all probably have no idea how big this is, but let me just let you know. Take a guy who graduates from college, launches himself into a crapshoot of a host search, and creates an amazing career for himself starring in movies, hosting BET’s “106 and Park”, and hosting a weekend countdown radio show. He’s an inspiration not only because it’s a road that very few travel, but because he’s black. Very few times do you see a black man thrive in a “Hollywood Setting” and remain to be “himself.” So many times people might say oh he “sold out” to get where he is (Channeling my “Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X”)

but Terrence Jenkins has remained himself and has become a huge success. So to young people wanting to break into any industry, take Terrence Jenkins as someone you can look up to. He’s making moves, and in my opinion in a matter of time he’s going to take Hollywood by storm.

To read an article on Terrence Jenkins’s new home CLICK HERE

Dedication 4 [Review]

Happy Labor Day EVERYBODY. Now, with that out the way, lets get down to business. Today Lil’ Wayne calls himself BLESSING us with a 4th installment to his legendary “Dedication” mixtape series. Hosted by DJ Drama, the Young Money mogul attempts to go over some of today’s more popular tunes. From “Mercy” to “I Don’t Like”, Wayne’s mediocre bars leaves you wondering…….Why? I’ve been very vocal about my disinterest in anything that is Lil’ Wayne or YMCMB (outside of Drake) but with the “Dedication” series being very instrumental in the resurgence of mixtapes I couldn’t help but give it a listen. And boy, did I regret it. If you’re fine with listening to 15 songs about drugs, oral sex, guns, and Truk-Fit then this is a MUST DOWNLOAD! My problem isn’t even in the lyrical content but the way he goes about delivering his punchlines and bars. On the song “Mercy” ,which features an even more pathetic verse from Nicki Minaj, Wayne finds himself channeling his inner Kanye by jacking ‘Ye’s flow and putting a spin on ‘Ye’s lyrics.

I’m the sh*t turn your nose up
I threw some bad b**ches on my tour bus
I threw some bad b**ches on my private jet
If them b**ches ain’t f***ing give them parachutes.

That was the last line I listened to before I deemed this mixtape to be the worst project of 2012 so far. Though, there is one bright spot on the mixtape, a verse from Carolina spitter J. Cole. With that being said, click the link and give it a listen you if feel lucky. Share to all your enemies and ex-girlfriends and boyfriends.

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