The Return of Fall

The smell of stale beer, over cooked hamburgers, and inebriated frat brothers can only mean one thing……..Football season is finally upon us. Now, I like to think of myself as a fanatic of sports but I must say, this year (especially) seems to be one of the more exciting years in either College or Pro’s. With the new regime at Penn State, headed by Bill O’ Brien, in full effect, USC’s return to dominance in the ranking, Russell Wilson and the 4 other rookie QB’s getting the green light for the opening of the season, the world seems to be a little less hectic every time September comes around. I’m no analyst and my predictions usually come up short but I decided to give you guys my “sleeper teams/players” & “overrated team/player”. REMEMBER this is just MY opinion. Feel free to comment and leave your team of choice.

Sleeper Teams: Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills

Sleeper Players: Eric Berry, Darren McFadden, Robert Meachem, Brandon Weeden

Overrated Teams: NY Giants, Chicago Bears, San Francisco, Pittsburgh Steelers

Overrated Players: Robert Griffin III, Victor Cruz, Miles Austin, Jay Cutler

These are the past times that we should live for. So put down the Madden 13 game and enjoy greatness that is Football and any other sport.