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Yeah we get it…here comes an amazing new iPad with great new features and cool things like that, or as anyone who was born pre 1965 says “bells and whistles.” At first glance from all of the pictures and live blogs, it looks the exact same. Of course it isn’t…it’s faster and full of new camera lenses and random things that make lines wrap around Apple retail stores for hours waiting for it to come out.


I get it….but then I don’t.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro Apple. Almost every bit of technology I own is Apple, from my phone to the very Macbook I’m writing this blog on. But there is something addictive about it….and I’m glad I’m catching it early before I give in to shelling out another absurd amount of money for another Apple product.


It doesn’t make sense…


I understand Apple’s reasoning for  putting out  a product every year…you have to keep the money coming in some how, but the rate that these products are being presented and sold is ridiculous. Take for example Apple’s software “Lion.” There was all this buzz about it and it came out late in the summer of last year. Now they have a new software coming out called “Mountain Lion” coming out again this summer. Yeah it looks great! Simplifying our daily lives so that all of our devices can be connected, but couldn’t they have just updated the software on what they already put out?


I understand the perfection of Apple. The quality of Apple. The “top of the totem pole” feeling that Apple gives off to its other competitors. I don’t understand the time tables that they release things or the social relevance it has to command a “BREAKING NEWS” headline on different news websites.


I’m not in PR, but whoever is in charge of Apple’s must be getting a ton of money. Because year after year, they continue to bring together a cult following of techies (including me) to drop a boatload of cash on something that will be made obsolete in about 12 months. Baffling? Yes. But I guess that’s the world we live in. Will Apple continue to be a go-to for technology for me…..YES. But trying to fight it off, saying that oh I’ll just wait on the next thing….well…..iGIVEUP




Why’s My Battery Dying?

Everyone always has the same frustration,”Gee, I would take my laptop to work, or class, but my laptop can only stay a live for a couple of minutes at most.” An article I came across on yahoo.com is giving you the opportunity to maximize your battery’s life span beyond the first two days you have it. Here are the steps:

1. Gauge how much capacity your battery has actually lost. There are great websites that can help with that like http://batteryeater.com (for PC’s) or http://www.coconut-flavour.com (for Macs)

2. You have to calibrate your laptop, you can’t magically put more capacity back into your battery, but in most laptops the OS loses track of how much juice a battery really has. Recalibrating your laptop means that you are allowing your battery meter to display how much juice is still in the battery.

3. BAD HABITS for batteries are always the main culprits for causing drainage. Leaving your charger in your laptop, bad idea. Leaving your computer asleep, thinking that if it’s not being used then it’s not getting drained, bad idea. Instead, if you are going to be a way from your laptop for a while, it’s best to go ahead and take the battery out.

You can see more of the blog, as well as the video as to how to maintain your battery’s life at:

Graphics with a Capital G

Ever had those times where you need a flyer made for your party? Always wanted that business card that made you stand out? Well look no further…yeah yeah that does sound like an intro to an ad commercial, but take a look at Rated G 4 graFX. Started by GSU student Lee Buncombe, the company looks to maximize their clients visibility with high quality promotional flyers, personal logos, business cards and more to make you and your group or business stand out. Rated G’s contact information can be found in the flyer above or down below, make sure you check him out, this is a growing star and a growing company!

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Goodness Google

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Tech giant Google has announced plans to buy phone hardware maker Motorola. Talk about playing a game of monopoly. Google has turned into the “Philadelphia Eagles” of the tech world, pursuing everything that has ever stood ground in tech life, while making considerable advances with their own technology. Not only will they have control over the hardware that Motorola will provide, but their Android software will run on it as well similar to what Apple has done for years to make gains in the user experience. Has there ever been anything so significant? Not in a while,  as this is Google’s most significant deal to date. Google already has many subsidiaries which include YouTube, Google Voice, and On2 Technologies. The deal is set to close at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2012.

Source: Yahoo.com