Message to Self

Message to Self…

It will get better. This is the moment in life that most people go through. This is that transitional period most people have when going from college to their first job. You didn’t do anything wrong. Live with no regrets and live with no fear. It’s time to escape that comfort zone and time to start to live for Skyler. Tough times don’t last forever, but tough people do. It’s in God’s hands. You have to take responsibility for your own life, you are responsible for the energy that you bring into a space, see your vision and stick with it. Nothing less. The Sky is the Limit. Make your dreams a reality.

Pep talk to self


Case of the Mondays!

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I’d love for people to explain to me why there is so much sluggishness on Monday mornings. What causes people to break their Monday to Friday routine sleep in on the weekends and turn into the “5 hour energy commercial” by 2:30 in the afternoon. I think there has to be some type of HEALTHY energy food or drink that can get people up and going on Monday and throughout the week. I think there has to be something!!!!! Sometimes motivation isn’t enough, you’ve got to continue to feed the machine. I think I’ve found some foods, but let me know if you can come up with anything else.


1. Coffee

2. Tea

3. Water

4. FRESH fruit

5. Quinoa (Google it)

6. Oatmeal

7. Seeds

8. Almonds or Walnuts

9. Eggs

10. Fish (Salmon and Mackerel)

All in all I think that some of these may help. But like I said let me know if you can come up with something that would be good to just get the energy flowing for the day.




I’m on the Hunt

Check this out! I’m looking for a new theme, or someone who can make me one. I think that I need something that sets me apart from other blogs (Well from a look standpoint anyways). If you know someone who makes WordPress themes, let me know! I would love to get in contact and chop it up with someone!


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My Blogging Experience

Q: What have you enjoyed, or not, about your blogging experience this semester? Do you anticipate regularly updating your blog for non-class purposes after this semester? Why or why not?

A: My blogging experience during the semester has been a wonderful one. Learning how to creatively answer questions on mind stimulating topics has been a blast. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to look at what my peers have to say about so many things. It was important for people who aren’t public relations majors to learn the importance of blogging and its significance in the world. I think after the semester is completed it will be extremely important for me to regularly update my blog so I can remain relevant when applying for a job. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been featured on the “Freshly Pressed” home page of the WordPress website and i think that it was really a great opportunity for me to get some exposure on an international level. I really enjoyed what I’ve done on my blog so far and I hope that it will only get better as I experience new things.